Chris Buzzell is a designer and fabricator working in all materials creating custom finishes for all . Raised in Austin, Texas, Chris has been making things with his hands as long as he can remember. At the age of 19, he moved to LA to turn his dream of being an artist into the reality it is today. 

Chris' work is tempered by his sensibility and deep rooted desire to make good design while allowing the natural and the organic to have a strong presence in the finished work. All of his designs are manufactured locally out of his workshop in Compton, California.

 Buzzell Studios specializes in high end custom furniture, lighting, and concrete. Buzzell's concrete board form structures, fireplaces, outdoor living spaces, wall treatments and other unique concrete furnishings are recognized and praised by top designers, architects and contractors throughout the west coast.

Chris has developed strong, long term trusting relationships with leading market designers based on his flexibility and desire to collaborate with his clients to ensure a true understanding of their specific needs.  

Buzzell Studio's mission to be an ever evolving, environmentally responsible designer and distributor of high quality custom lighting, furniture and living environments. When it comes to design, we have a profound respect for what has come before, while striving to leave our mark on what lies ahead.